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Culturally Responsive Teaching

Differential instruction becomes a breeze when educators remember to emphasize kinesthetic, auditory, visual, and tactile instructional strategies for reading, math, and language arts. This dazzling interactive innovative training seminar is designed to motivate students and staff to sprinkle dignity and innovation into the classroom climate. Music, rhythm, rhymes, chants, and group interaction are incorporated throughout the entire session.
*Full or half day

Empowering Boys into Manhood

(Action, Attitude, Accountability)

This successful data driven musical, informative, interactive, innovative workshop will examine education, with an emphasis on boys, especially young boys of color who are at the greatest risk for under achievement. The audience will taste a buffet of communication strategies, instructional strategies, character-building techniques, empowerment program implementation strategies and self-development techniques. Participants will leave with a full spectrum of strategies to empower young boys to achieve academic excellence.
*Full or half day
*Full or half day

Prescriptive Parenting

This informative thought-provoking workshop will share with parents various strategies to help develop communication strategies with their children. Participants will leave with information that will assist parents in cultivating academically and social conscious children.
* Topics vary based on client preference.
* Hours vary based on client preference.

Empowering School Counselors in the 21st Century

This musical, dazzling, dynamic workshop will share with counselors character building strategies for reaching the youth today. Innovative classroom guidance, individual and group counseling strategies using social media will enhance your tools. Music, rhythm, rhyme, and poetry are some of the many techniques participants will learn in this workshop.
*Full of half day

Bully Me Bully Free

This engaging interactive workshop will share with students various strategies to make their school bully free. The students will learn how music, rhyme, rhythm, cooperation, and communication can build a bully-free school.
*Full or half day
*workbook included


Dr. Clay will design a presentation to meet your organization goals. Please contact us for more information.


Dr. William "Flip" Clay is an anointed, dynamic, energetic, creative, and cutting-edge consultant, writer, and speaker. His personal life experiences, along with his passion for motivating and inspiring people has led to various engagements. His ability to tap into the minds of his audience through innovation has led to engagements with various youth groups, churches, schools, parents, and community service agencies.

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